Two California Men Charged With Submitting THOUSANDS of Fraudulent Voter Applications

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 18, 2020

In the vast gaslighting stratagem that is Election 2020, make sure you remember to forget.

Or, as George Orwell saw the people of Airstrip One (Britain) practice, be sure to engage in double-think and believe your tax-fed overlords. Because, of course, this has been “the most secure election in U.S. history,” as claimed by magicians at the constitutionally dubious Department of Homeland Security.

So, just believe them, and pay no attention to the NBC4-TV Los Angeles report about two men being arrested and charged with Voter Fraud Tuesday in a 41-count criminal complaint.

According to NBC4:

Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro -- also known as Mark Anthony Gonsalves -- was set to be arraigned Tuesday in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom on 18 felony counts of voter fraud, 11 felony counts of procuring a false or forged instrument, two felony counts of perjury and one felony count of conspiracy to commit voter fraud, along with nine misdemeanor counts of interference with a prompt transfer of a completed affidavit, according to the District Attorney's Office.

The details are stunning.

Montenegro, 53, allegedly submitted more than 8,000 fraudulent voter registration applications between July and October, as well as allegedly falsifying names, addresses and signatures on nomination papers under penalty of perjury to run for mayor in Hawthorne.

NBC4 notes that the registrar caught the attempt before any actual votes were cast.

The conspiracy charge alleges that Montenegro submitted and filed signed nomination papers containing 41 signatures and addresses to the city clerk this summer and that just 18 of the names, addresses and signatures on the nomination papers were validated by the Los Angeles County Registrar- Recorder's Office.

But remember, this election 2020 has been squeaky-clean. Keep worshipping at the idols of “democracy” and the security-theatre of the DHS.

And pay no attention to additional details…

The conspiracy charge also alleges that Montenegro was subsequently issued write-in candidate nomination papers and that he ‘submitted and filed signed write-in candidate nomination papers containing 32 signatures and addresses for fictitious, non-existent or deceased person’ with the city clerk's office. It further alleges that he and co-defendant Marcos Raul Arevalo ‘and other unknown co-conspirators’ used three post office boxes in Hawthorne as well as Montenegro's home address ‘as mailing addresses for over 8,000 voter registration applications for fictitious, non-existent or deceased persons, that were submitted for processing to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's Office and the California Secretary of State.’'

Of course, if you ever get to appear on a major national TV “news” program and show the temerity of mentioning this, it’s important that you allow the hosts to cut you off and tell you you’re spouting “conspiracy theory nonsense.”

Don’t rock the boat.

Even though it’s the national “Titanic” fraudulently called “democracy.”