UFC Prez Dana White: NO VACCINE REQUIRED for Fighters or Audience Members

Gabriel Hays | August 6, 2021
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UFC president Dana White is well known for pummeling mainstream media narratives, and his latest move is no different.Thankfully the man behind the world’s premiere mixed martial arts fighting leagues is bludgeoning society’s lurch to removing freedoms and privacy in the form of vaccine, saying that he will never require any of his fighters or audience members to get vaccinated.

White is not letting the fear and paranoia get to him. In an interview with TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter, the UFC head advocated for freedom on behalf of those he employs or those who pay to see his fights. “I would never tell another human being what to do with their body,” he claimed. 

Well that’s certainly refreshing, especially as the Biden government looks to pressure Americans to vaccinate however they can just short of a federal mandate, and as local governments like NYC’s mandate a vaccine requirement for indoor diners. For UFC fighters and people seeing a match, the risks of catching COVID are on them, according to Mr. White, and honestly that’s the way it should be.

“If you want to get vaccinated, that’s up to you. That’s your choice. You’re never gonna hear me say, I’m gonna force people to get vaccinated. Never gonna happen,” he stated in the virtual interview. When asked about whether he thinks there will be mandatory vaccinations in some places of the country, he said, “I think a lot of people are doing that.”

White also made sure to take a swing at NYC Mayor De Blasio’s mandates for the city. He claimed, “They’re telling you in New York you can’t go into a restaurant or a gym unless you’re vaccinated and can prove it and things like that. Some people are getting fired if they don’t get vaccinated. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen here.” Good. Sounds like Dana is already a better political leader than De Blasio, but then again, a NYC street pigeon could do the job better. 

It seems the Mr. White has no problem being the “bad guy.” He’s no stranger to throwing elbows at the establishment media. Most recently, the UFC head personally escorted 45th President Donald Trump to a match, which was a controversial subject for the usual suspects. When major outlets refused to cover Trump’s fist sports event outing since leaving office – including his own organization’s coverage – Dana called it a “massive fuck up.”

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Anyways, White told Bronsteter that freedom is the guiding principle behind his organization's Wuhan Virus policy. “You wanna get vaccinated? Get vaccinated. If you don’t, that’s your decision, your body.” Right on, man. 

Though the UFC prez better watch out about criticizing New York City’s vaccine diktat, as he has an upcoming UFC event that is to be held in the Big Apple. He might have to get his fighters vaccinated if the local government is serious about their protocol. “The plan is New York, but if New York doesn’t work out, I’ll move it somewhere else.” 

Oh well that’s cool. He’ll just go somewhere else. Because that’s called freedom and it’s something that NYC, DC and other Dem-run hellholes seem to be doing away with. Keep it up, Mr. White.