Uh, What?! Ayanna Pressley Blames Racism for Her Vote Against Bipartisan China Committee

Nick Kangadis | January 12, 2023
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It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg argument — Does a moronic member of Congress say more about the electorate that put that person there or does the electorate dictate the comprehension level of the people they elect?

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) displayed her mental acumen on CNN Thursday morning as she explained why she voted against the “bipartisan” House committee on China and the U.S.’s competition with its far east counterpart.

Of course, Pressley being a member of “The Squad,” chalked up her vote against the committee on racism, which is a good excuse when you probably don’t know what you were voting on and the purpose of the committee.

“I voted no because, again, it’s uh, it’s uh, it’s another sham effort here,” Pressley said without explaining what the “sham” consisted of. “It’s really clear that this is just a committee that would further embolden anti-Asian rhetoric and hate and put lives at risk.”

What are you talking about, lady? And I use the term “lady” quite loosely.

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That explanation is what an idiot would come up with when not knowing much about the topic they were asked about.

‘Hey, how do you feel about The Smurfs?’

‘Well, it’s just another excuse to persecute people of blue origin.’

That was similar to the extent of the substance Pressley gave us. It’s either that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about or she’s a shill for China, which also isn’t out of the realm of possibility.


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