UK Man Arrested and Cuffed For 'Causing Anxiety' With Anti-LGBTQ Facebook Post

Brittany M. Hughes | August 1, 2022
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A British man was arrested over the weekend for posting a meme on social media that some users found offensive.

And yes, this is a real story in 2022.

The whole incident was captured on a cell phone last Friday as Darren Brady, a 51-year-old veteran, was hauled out of his house in handcuffs for re-posting a Facebook image - made by someone else - of a swastika made out of pride flags. According to British authorities, the meme, ironically meant to call out the left’s fascist, free-speech-killing LGBTQ agenda, caused some viewers “anxiety" and constitutes a "hate crime."

Which, apparently, is a big no-no across the pond.

In the video, Brady asks the police officer, “Why am I in cuffs?” To which the officer responds, “It didn’t have to come to this at all.”

“Tell us why you escalated it to this level? Because I don't understand,” Brady then asks.

“Someone has been caused anxiety based on your social media post. That is why you have been arrested,” the cop answers.

Brady was arrested and charged with “malicious communications,” stemming from an 1988 law passed by the British Parliament that makes it a crime to "send or deliver letters or other articles for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety." Harry Miller, a former police officer and Brady's friend, was also arrested and charged with obstructing a peace officer after trying to prevent the cops from arresting Brady.

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Brady was reportedly then told he could pay £80 to take an educational course on inclusivity in order to downgrade from a criminal charge to a non-criminal one. The officers agreed to come back later, after Brady had had a chance to "mull it over."

After catching the brunt of public backlash, the Hampshire Constabulary later released a statement explaining why they’d slapped cuffs on Brady for sharing a social media post.

“When officers arrived they were prevented from entering the address to discuss a potential resolution to the matter,” the statement read. “As a result, officers felt it was necessary to arrest a man at the scene so they could interview him in relation to the alleged offence.”

The offense, remind you, of offending someone on the internet. Which, frankly, these officers did to me by acting like such incompetent idiots. 

Arrest them.