Ulta Beauty Gets DESTROYED By Critics After Promoting Grown Man Who Think's He's a Little Girl

Brittany M. Hughes | October 18, 2022
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Ulta beauty proved last weekend that at least one person in is marketing department is ulta-stupid, as the company’s Twitter feed was forced to turn off public comments on a post featuring two grown men reminiscing about “girlhood.” Which ended up being just as creepy as it sounds.

The beauty supply mega-chain, which operates more than 1,300 stores across the U.S., blasted out a video clip from a podcast by a guy named David Lopez, a “gender-fluid” man with a beard and long flowing tresses (also still known as a man, given the lack of a uterus).

Lopez was joined by trans “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney, another grown man who believes he’s a little girl. Not a girl – a little girl. In fact, Mulvaney's entire brand centers on social media posts and videos called "Days of Girlhood" in which he dresses as a little girl (with the occasional post in lingerie - it's weird). To give you an idea of how ridiculous this idiot is, in one post reviewing feminine hygiene products that he'll never actually use, Mulvaney called the vagina a "barbie pouch" and said that he's been "carrying around tampons and pads for about two months" but "never actually opened one up."

Probably because he doesn't menstruate - but, you know, pesky biological details.

In the clip posted by Ulta, Mulvaney and Lopez discuss Mulvaney’s experience with “girlhood” and his hopes to be a “mother” one day – his absence of ovaries be damned.

“I know I can find love. I know I can still be a performer.  I know that I can have a family, I want to be a mom one day – and I absolutely can,” Mulvaney, who lacks all female reproductive organs and is comprised entirely of male DNA, says in the clip as the lip-glossed Lopez nods along against a backdrop of pink clouds and shimmering drapes.

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Ulta promoted the clip with the caption:"Trans Girls Can Do It All! Tune into the latest episode of The Beauty Of... where host @DavidLopezzz sits down with guest Dylan Mulvaney to chat all things girlhood," along with lots of heart and applause emojis.

How precious.

But it turns out Ulta customers aren’t too thrilled that the company that predominantly caters to – and is happy to take money from – women is also willing to throw those same women under the bus in favor of men who think they’re women (or, in Mulvaney’s case, a 10-year-old girl, which is a whole other level of disturbing).

Responses from disgusted viewers rolled in by the thousands, with many promising to boycott the beauty supplier for their role in helping erase actual womanhood from the public sphere.

Ulta’s Twitter account briefly locked public comments before eventually re-opening the thread, but only after hiding hundreds of replies they didn’t like.





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