Umm...Female Students Suing Yale Because They Can't Join Fraternities

Nick Kangadis | February 15, 2019

You can’t fix stupid, folks. And it seems as though many in the Ivy League exhibit an ever-increasing, extreme lack of reason and logic. But, it's the Ivy League, so we really shouldn't be all that surprised.

Three female Yale University students are suing the college and nine fraternities because they feel discriminated against. Why? Because they can’t join the all-male organizations.

I know.

Students Anna McNeil, Eliana Singer, and Ry Walker, whose lawsuit sounds like an intersectional feminism professor, claim that fraternities offer their members opportunities that other students on campus don’t have available to them.

"Simply put, fraternities elevate men to social gatekeepers and relegate women and non-binary students to sexual objects,” the lawsuit said, according to the New York Times

Campus Reform reported:

Yale students Anna McNeil, Eliana Singer, and Ry Walker allege in the lawsuit that they were groped at fraternity parties as freshmen and that the fraternities unfairly dominate the campus social environment, the New York Times reported. All three are now suing to be allowed to join the all-male organizations.

In addition to criticizing Yale fraternity culture on the grounds of sexual misconduct and drinking, the lawsuit claims the groups deny “economic opportunities” to female and non-binary students. The girls allege that fraternity students have access to vast alumni networks and “coveted job offers” that are unavailable to other students on campus. Additionally, they note that sororities do not bridge this gap because they were founded later and lack relative access to influence and power.

Why would the young ladies want to join fraternities that they claim are sexually harassing them? It doesn’t make sense. Although, not much of what modern feminists say ever really does.

This is like the Boy Scouts of America thing all over again, except inconceivably even dumber.

Campus Reform also reported:

This is not the first attempt the plaintiffs have made to challenge fraternities. In 2016, McNeil and Walker created a group on campus called “Engender,” which worked to integrate Yale’s Greek organizations. In 2017, the group, which included McNeil and Walker, attempted to rush the fraternities and were denied. 

By 2018, the girls, now joined by Singer, again tried to join the fraternities. 

The lawsuit also takes aim at Yale University’s “hands off” approach when it comes to dealing with fraternities, claiming that the school is in violation of Title IX and the Fair Housing Act for providing male-only membership and housing. 

However, social fraternities and sororities are notably exempt from Title IX regulations.

Maybe this is about proving some kind of point about how "toxic" young men, and men in general, are? I'm not sure. Modern feminists baffle the minds of most people, so at least I'm not alone in trying to understand their complete lack of logic.

Attorney for the fraternities Joan Gilbride noted how ridiculous the young women’s lawsuit is.

“These students’ accusations against Yale’s fraternities and their national organizations are baseless and unfounded,” Gilbride said. “We look forward to vigorously defending this action in court.” lists the following as it’s first two definitions of the word “fraternity”:

1  a local or national organization of male students, primarily for social purposes, usually with secret initiation and rites and a name composed of two or three Greek letters.

2  a group of persons associated by or as if by ties of brotherhood.

I know that some students nowadays don’t recognize gender, or they’ll tell you that gender is a “spectrum.” But in reality, there are only two genders. Fraternities are for young men, and sororities are for young women. I know that’s a difficult concept to grasp, and you probably won’t learn that on a college campus, but that doesn’t make it any less true.