Umpire Swipes Away Cross From Batter's Box During College Baseball Game

John Simmons | April 4, 2022
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The vast majority of student athletes that attend Liberty University are Christian, so logic would suggest that they would do things that would reflect their beliefs. While most people would generally be ok with this, there are still a few that most certainly are not.

Liberty's baseball team traveled to Jacksonville University in Florida to take on their conference rivals in a three-game series over the weekend. On Saturday, Liberty center fielder Derek Orndorff etched a cross in the dirt behind the batter's box, a ritual he does before each at bat. But in the middle of his at-bat in the top of the seventh, the home plate umpire promptly swiped away the cross with his foot.

So let me get this straight. Everywhere you look in sports, you see athletes, teams, or entire leagues use their platform to promote some sort of belief system or ideology. Many of these beliefs are toxic, anti-America, and godless, yet culture hails them and their proponents as heroes of higher causes.

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But the second an athlete wants to do something that expresses his Christian worldview -- which most people would agree are wholesome even if they are not authentic Christians themselves -- he literally gets erased.

This really is a microcosm of a bigger problem in our culture today. Despite being a nation that was founded with Christian beliefs at its core, we're attempting to erase any trace of the Christian faith from our society.

However, as can be expected from a school that produces a plethora of quality individuals (like NFL prospect Malik Willis), Orndorff responded in a classy and redemptive way towards an umpire that did not show him the same level of kindness.

Maybe we should learn from men who treat those who hate them with forgiveness and not attempt to erase them or their faith from the public square.

The Flames ended up winning the game, 6-2, but lost the series.

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