UNC, Duke University Host Israel-Hating Middle East Studies Web Class

Gabriel Hays | November 9, 2021
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Sneaky pro-Palestinian propaganda seems to find its way into many of our “intellectual” circles these days. And sometimes, it's just blatant.

Apparently some very pro-Palestinian activists were among the people putting on a recent Middle East webinar hosted by UNC and Duke University, because when the online presentation started labeling regions in the Middle East, the country of Israel was nowhere to be found.

In fact, the geographical region of Israel was shown however it was given a very different name, one more appropriate for Israel-hating Palestinians who want to see the Jewish state eradicated. 

As reported by Jewish news outlet Algemeiner.com, the joint university presentation featured a map of the Middle East which “literally erases Israel.”

“The map, however, erased Israel and replaced it with ‘Palestinian Occupied Territories,’” the outlet explained. Oh wow, that’s not biased at all. Just kidding, that’s so comically radical that it has no right to be included in an educational setting whatsoever.

What’s even more ironic is that a flyer promoting the presentation declared, “How to Teach About the Middle East and Get It Right!” Yeah, they sound very confident.

So what on earth was this unserious webinar even supposed to teach? Well according to the piece, the program – created by the University of North Carolina (UNC) Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies – was titled “Hip Hop and Women’s Voices in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Feminism and rap and the Middle East? The very premise of the class is unserious. And even with that being the subject of the webinar, the outlet pointed out that not one Jewish rapper or influencer was mentioned in the entire program. Wow, so diverse.

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The webinar “discussed seven female hip hop artists from Morocco, UK/”Palestine”, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, and Egypt,” wrote The Algemeiner. Yeah, no one from Israel is worth being recognized.

Apparently one glaring omission was the fact that there was zero mention of Israeli-Ethiopian hip hop star Eden Dersso in the program. Dersso is even recognized in Western publications like Vogue Magazine. Algemeiner.com felt as though it was a noticeable snub.

Though the webinar did sing the praises one Israel-hating rapper, Shadia Mansour, a “London-born Palestinian” artist. Mansour has published anti-Israeli screeds on Facebook before, one of which stated, “Dear Israeli fan, Remember where you are and how you got there, you money hungry, water pipe stealing, illegal, irrelevant son of a bitch.”

Yeah, real nice. 

What’s more is that according to audience members unfortunate enough to sit through this stupidity, there was a slide which claimed, “Free Palestine,” and they had to sit and stare at that while a presenter spoke for six minutes. 

Yeah isn’t it nice that our own universities have established safe-spaces which cultivate hatred for the Jewish state?

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