UNC Profs, Students, Admins Nominate Christine Blasey-Ford for 'Distinguished Alumni' Status

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 10, 2018
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One of the most entertaining Youtube channels in recent years is “The Outer Light”, created and run by the smart, insightful, and very funny, Esoteric ED (the “ED” standing for “Esoteric Detective”). ED comments on all kinds of stories, some of which lead to mere speculation, some of which he dissects like a scalpel-wielding researcher over a pithed frog. And one of ED’s best known sayings when he encounters something truly incredible about political behavior is that “we’re in Mirror World”. Some stories seem too outlandish to be true.

ED, if you’re reading this, I’m with you in “Mirror World”, man… Because I just read that many staff and students at the University of North Carolina want to “honor” Christine Blasey-Ford, the woman who, after over 35 years, suddenly accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault and almost derailed his confirmation to be the next oh-so wonderful Justice on the oh-so-wonderful US Supreme Court.

There is a lot bundled into the issue of whether Kavanaugh was the right candidate to become one of those high-and-mighty black-robed oligarchs. After all, these are men and women who wield so much power over the lives of Americans that everyone sees fit to fight over a single position.

The first salient point to observe is that the left-leaning pop media and leftist Senators used (truly) a weak accuser to try to derail or delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the midterm elections. It’s a sad commentary on the thirst for political power that a circus such as the presentation of Christine Blasey-Ford could have gone on as long as it did.

Judge Kavanaugh certainly deserved critical scrutiny. After all, as I mentioned previously, any honest person must admit that his position on the Patriot Act and his deference to expansive Executive Branch power is something worth questioning, to say the least.

All of this information is available, and could have been discussed during his confirmation hearings.

Instead, American citizens were served a sketchy story about Blasey-Ford, whose accusations didn’t specify Kavanaugh until recently, whose accusations were kept in a dusty sarcophagus in Dianne Feinstein’s office for months before Feinstein and her fellow prevaricators trundled her out as the way to delay the hearings until after the midterm elections.

And now, over 1,000 UNC staff and students have signed the request to honor the “courageous” woman, saying they:

…recognize the inordinate courage it took for her to take the moral and ethical stand that she did in testifying about her sexual assault experience in front of the world.

This is the woman who could provide no witnesses to corroborate her accusation. This is the woman who claimed that she was attacked by Kavanaugh while his friend looked on, while music in the room blared so loud that people couldn’t hear her cries, yet also claimed that she could hear people laughing outside the room. This is a woman who claimed she had such a fear of enclosed spaces, she needed extra time to fly to DC and testify – yet she has flown regularly for far lighter affairs. This is a woman who claimed that her house has a second front door on it because of said fear of enclosed places. Yet renovation records undercut her story about when and why the work was done. This is a woman who could not recall basic details about where the alleged assault took place, or how she got home, if she was driven, and by whom.

This is a woman who cited four other women as having been at the party, yet none remember any such event.

And this is a woman who allows people to believe she is a practicing psychologist in California, when, as J.R. Dunn notes for “American Thinker”, according to CA statute, she cannot be:

To qualify as a ‘psychologist’ in the state of California (and every other state in the union), an individual must serve a one-year residency and pass several rigorous examinations. Blasey-Ford has not done so. She is, ipso facto, not a psychologist.

She has a PhD in psychology, and that is all.

And she got her undergraduate degree from UNC in 1988, and now the fawning sycophants there for whom the ends seem to justify the means want to “honor” her.

That should happen when one has done honorable things.

Blasey-Ford’s appearance might have been recklessly courageous, but it was also utterly lacking in any supportive evidence. That’s not honorable.

Why anyone should honor a woman who could bring unsubstantiated charges against another human being, and seemingly do so to be used for political purposes, the great minds at the troubled UNC seem incapable of explaining.

But they’ll probably “honor” her, nonetheless.