Unfortunate: Pope Francis Apologizes For False Claims Of Catholic Persecution

Michael Ippolito | July 26, 2022
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Trouble coming from the Holy See yet again! The often unclear Pope Francis again falls for leftist politics instead of more pressing issues facing the Church. 

According to Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis is in Canada to apologize for the supposed Catholic oppression of Canada’s Indigenous population. 

The Supreme Pontiff arrived in Alberta, Canada, on July 24 to meet with numerous leaders from Canada’s indigenous tribes. This trip is a part of his “penitential pilgrimage,” which seeks to make amends for the churches’ supposed role in the abuse and suffering of many of Canada’s native population. In 2021, a massive grave of 251 native children led to civil unrest, including the destruction of numerous local Catholic churches. It was later revealed that the mass grave site was simply an unmarked grave site of natives who mainly died from tuberculosis and were given proper Catholic burials with wooden markers that eventually rotted and disappeared. In most instances, the Catholics were helping the indigenous population. But it was too late, and the damage had already been done. What was the Canadian government’s response to this anti-Catholic terrorism? Justin Trudeau stated: “I understand the anger that’s out there.” 

Pope Francis greeted Canada’s indigenous representatives and Prime Minister Trudeau inside Edmonton International Airport. Photos show the Pope greeting the leaders and even kissing the hands of one of the representatives. Yikes! 

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No public remarks were made inside the airport, but the Pope did tweet a message. 



 “Dear brothers and sisters of #Canada,” the pope tweeted before his departure, “I come among you to meet the indigenous peoples. I hope, with God's grace, that my penitential pilgrimage might contribute to the journey of reconciliation already undertaken. Please accompany me with #prayer.” Unfortunately, instead of asking essential questions about what happened, the media’s role in conflating the story, and the Canadian government not punishing the arsonists, Pope Francis took all responsibility for the violence. 

When the Church needs to be the strongest, Pope Francis has succumbed to the power of the leftist, atheistic mob. Pray for the Pope and the entire Holy Church!