Upcoming Superman Takes on Humanity’s Greatest Threat: CLIMATE CHANGE

Gabriel Hays | October 18, 2021
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Sadly, the Man of Steel is currently the main target of the American Marxists’ woke struggle sessions. In just a short couple of weeks, Superman has lost his patriotism, and has become an LGBTQ icon.

And, if changing “Truth, Justice and the American Way” to “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow” wasn’t humiliating and subversive enough, the latest news is that Superman will become a Climate Change activist.

Perhaps the people who wrote “The Death of Superman” in 1992 were a tad premature, because this is the deadest Superman has ever been to the most people by far.

DC Comics author and Australian native Tom Taylor alerted the world to Superman’s wokification on Oct. 15 with a teaser from an upcoming Superman comic book.

The teaser is a highly disturbing comic book illustration that only a perpetually-disgruntled Swedish child on a sailboat in the north Atlantic Ocean could love. The drawing depicts Superman saving children from humanity's greatest threat, not with feats of daring-do, but with a much more impactful superpower: Activism. 

Try your hardest not to laugh, but the action-packed artwork features Superman leading a group of kids protesting … climate change. Say it ain’t so. The spandex-wearing iconic superhero has been reduced to a left-wing activist holding up a sign which reads, “School Strike for Climate Change.”

Geez, who needs kryptonite when the greatest blow to Superman could be a left-wing Millennial comic book writer?

And, by the way, Superman would have never encouraged kids to skip school, especially not for a such a stupid issue. 

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It’s hard to make sense of the downright idiotic image. For one, we get the cringe-inducing scene of Superman leading kids in a dumb new-age post-George Floyd protest, but for some reason there’s some tentacled monster in the background destroying things behind the protest.

This kraken-type thing better be a metaphor for climate change, otherwise it appears as if Superman parading around with a bunch of ignorant left-wing children is distracting him from what’s actually destroying the city.

Though, that’s the metaphor that really applies.

DC comic book writer Taylor shared the image along with the caption, “Our #Superman joins other heroes on the cover to Superman: Son of Kal-El #7. Out in January from @DCComics.” 

He also made a plug for the artist behind the cursed image. “Art by @johntimmsart,” he wrote, adding a bunch of pro-climate change agenda hashtags: “#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate.”

Thankfully, the comic won’t be out until January so at least we have a couple months to finish processing bisexual Superman.