U.S. Government Pays $23,000 a Month to Mosque of Ft. Hood Shooting Supporter Al-Awlaki

Joe Schoffstall | May 13, 2010

Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) announced today that the Virginia mosque owned by the radical Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, credited as a key link behind the Fort Hood shootings, the Christmas Day underwear bomber, and the Times Square bomber, is receiving $23,000 a month from the U.S. Census Bureau for rent of an office building the mosque owns. “I wonder do we actually even have a Department of Homeland Security,” says Congressman John Carter , who represents the Fort Hood area in the House. “The purpose for creating this cabinet-level agency in 2002 was to coordinate all agencies of the federal government to prevent any more radical Islamic attacks like 9-11." He continued, "Eight years later and they can’t even tell a federal agency they’re renting office space from the very mosque involved with the 9-11 attacks, and that has seeded this past year’s assaults through the likes of Al-Awlaki.” Carter, a former Texas judge, said the mosque's terrorist links could have been easily detected through a Department of Homeland Security  (DHS) background check by the General Services Administration (GSA). “We missed multiple warnings that the 9-11 attacks were coming because federal agencies were not communicating and coordinating with each other concerning intelligence on terrorist activity,” says Carter. “DHS was supposed to correct that, yet they have failed us three times in a row in less than a year, are refusing to admit their failures, and are taking no corrective action." The congressman said the President should immediately take responsibility for the failures and announce definitive steps to remediate the gross incompetence.