U.S. Media Ignore Female ISIS Terrorist Who Planned To Attack a British Museum

Caleb Tolin | June 5, 2018
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A teenager in London was found guilty of planning a terrorist attack in the name of the Islamic State, and what do we hear from the U.S. media? Cricket chips.

After entering a plea of "not guilty," 18-year-old Safaa Boular was found guilty of planning a domestic terrorist attack in the famous British Museum in London, which she'd orchestrated with one of her ISIS cohorts, Naweed Hussain. Boular was also charged with attempting to flee the country to commit acts of terrorism in Syria.

I’m sure Linda Sarsour is all about this kind of female empowerment.

Boular was actually part of a small network of solely female radicals in Great Britain, the first of its kind that the country has faced. The small, tight-knit group consisted of Boular, her older sister, her mother, and a family friend.

Since Safaa was arrested in 2017, her mother and sister both pled guilty to planning a knife attack with the family friend.

Cue the howls for an “ASSAULT KNIFE BAN!”

Before her arrest, Boular reportedly planned to move to Syria, where Hussain was fighting with a local terrorist faction. They only ever had a relationship online, but supposedly planned to be together in person to fight the “non-believers.” Romantic, right?

Interestingly, reports of this story were only found in publications outside of the United States - probably because the liberal media in the U.S. were too worried about whether or not Trump is hosting sports teams at the White House and obsessing over Miss America Swimsuit competitions to bother with radical Islamic terrorists cropping up in Westernized nations.

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