'USAID' Head Admits It's Us Versus Russia, 'With Ukrainians Doing the Fighting'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 6, 2023
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In one of his famous Sherlock Holmes tales, Arthur Conan Doyle sees the great British sleuth infer a culprit’s identity by realizing that a guard dog did NOT bark at an intruder.

The implication is that the intruder was known and liked by the animal, which leads Holmes to pinpoint the baddie. When a guard dog is silent around a familiar person, figures Holmes, and that same dog did not bark at an intruder, the logical assumption is that the dog was familiar and felt comfortable.

People and animals can reveal a lot when they get comfortable and let down their guards.

And we might have an academic example of that, in the news.

CNN recently featured a cozy gathering of U.S. officials that it brought together with network mouthpiece Fareed Zakaria – a gathering during which Zakaria continued to promote many of the typical pop media and Biden Administration narratives about the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, even as he avoided most, if not all, the fundamental questions about the history of the conflict and the US/NATO role in those years of international strife.

And it was at this “Town Hall Event” where Zakaria and his guests appeared to be so comfortable with the U.S. government using tax money to back various nation-states, that they not only didn’t question the practice, one of his guests offered something even more revealing.

She was – and is – Samantha Power. She was, and is, the head of the “good luck finding it in the Constitution” government agency called USAID, standing for United States Agency for International Development. And she was, and is, promoting the standard Biden Administration narrative that the U.S. taxpayer should support Ukraine.

But -- again, perhaps because she was among “ideological friendlies” – Ms. Power said more than that. In fact, as AZGeopolitics observed on Twitter, Ms. Power noted that the United States is “standing up to” Russia, but it’s not doing so DIRECTLY.


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"This isn't just the United States and Russia, this in fact is Ukrainians on the front lines, Ukrainians doing the fighting..."

And isn’t that doubly charming?

Not only is the U.S. government using us taxpayers to send upwards of $196 BILLION in military hardware and financial largess to the government of Ukraine over the past year, Ms. Power’s statement might possibly leave us oxen with the impression that the U.S. is using Ukrainians as weapons-fodder to weaken Russia in what actually is a U.S. fight by indirect means.

She added:

“What is at stake in Ukraine are values and interests so core to the United States. I mean, imagine, just wanting your freedom, and your independence…”

But don’t mention wanting your OWN freedom and independence to be able keep the fruits of your labor when Power et al have better ideas of what “freedom and independence” mean.

If you don’t understand her greater meaning of “freedom and independence,” that’s your problem, and if you want to exercise what YOU think is “freedom” by withholding your money, you’ll be visited by the agents of IRS “freedom and independence."

Get it?

And when she claims, “Imagine the counter-factual, where we walk away,” you’d better understand that she means YOU when she uses “WE.” It’s the forced inclusion of government.

And perhaps the most comforting thing she added was that this is all being done to support the “rule of law.” As CNN notes at the close of its glowing piece on the prefabricated “Town Hall” play:

“It’s checks and balances, the rule of law, the integrity of officials.”


Remember that, all. It’s about integrity.

Now, shut up, don’t question Power, or the existence of USAID, or the practice of “international aid,” or proxyism, and open your wallet, a little wider.

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