VA Tech Berates 'Selfish' Students Who Chant 'F- Joe Biden'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 18, 2021
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Since last year’s election is in the proverbial rear-view, and some leftists finally have acknowledged that big, non-BLM and Antifa gatherings aren’t “super-spreader” events, it seems many establishment types think there’s another “super-spreader” conservative pathogen that needs authoritarian containment.

Indeed, the leftist establishment running Virginia Tech appears to disapprove of the viral popularity of the “F-Joe Biden” (aka “Let’s Go, Brandon!”) chant that has swept America.

On October 14, VA Tech Director of Student Affairs Frank Shushok, Jr. joined Whit Babcock, director of Athletics, and Mac Babb, chief of the VA Tech Police, in publishing a “Message to Students Regarding Game Day Behavior,” to express their authoritarian/paternalistic “disapproval” of the powerful displays of political dissatisfaction shown by tens of thousands of VA Tech “Hokies” fans who have attended university events.

Rife with contemporary public relations spin, and dripping with condescension, the “message” begins:

Dear Virginia Tech students,

Fall means football in Blacksburg. Nothing matches the excitement of being in Lane Stadium to jump and cheer together in support of our Hokies. This unique, thrilling experience doesn’t happen on its own. We depend on our incredible stadium staff and public safety personnel to move tens of thousands of people safely and efficiently in and out of Lane Stadium and take great care of us while we’re there so we can enjoy the game. This only works when we demonstrate patience, mutual respect for those around us, and full cooperation with guidance and protocols.

Are you “jumping and cheering?”

The “authors” add:

It troubles us to write this message because of the high regard we hold for our students and the joy, curiosity, and excellence with which you embrace your education every day. Over the last several weeks, we have heard too many stories of selfish, inappropriate, and embarrassing student behavior at home football games. What we have heard falls short of Virginia Tech standards – and most importantly, creates an unsafe environment for all who attend.

Sure thing. As we all know, fans never yell, never chant, never sing in mass numbers at games.

Or, perhaps they almost always do - but this time, there’s something about what they’re saying that the VA Tech authoritarians don’t like, and which they now claim “creates an unsafe environment for all who attend.”

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Perhaps there’s something about “controlling the message” and stifling speech that has prompted the VA Tech Administrators to command, in part:

Student attendance will be restricted to season ticket holders and a more limited number of student lottery winners.


Virginia Tech Police Department will deploy law enforcement officers and security personnel in Lane Stadium to support a positive and safe fan experience.

One has to figure that a “safe” fan experience always is expected and cops usually would be employed to help contribute to that.

But a “positive fan experience?” What in the modern NewSpeak world is that?

And why does this university administration go beyond asking students to watch their language (which won’t have any effect, on students or non-student fans) to, instead, deride as “selfish” those who express dissatisfaction with a political ruler?

Is it “selfish” to speak out against a guy who uses their tax money to drone-kill innocent families abroad?

Is it “selfish” to holler one’s dislike of a guy who forces people to pay for the killing of the unborn?

Or… Is it selfish to be the political figure or collectivist supporter who blithely assumes that he or she can simply take someone else’s money – or vote to have it taken? Is it actually selfish to assume for others how they should live, work, travel, get health care, or even speak?

Perhaps it is selfish to be a collectivist and tell others how to live.

And, perhaps the folks at Virginia Tech already have exhibited a strange fascination, an adoration, for this collectivist mindset.

After all, it was this university that, in 2019, lectured freshman against using “gendered pronouns.” It was this school that, in April of this year, saw a university soccer coach evidently force a woman off the team because she would not “take a knee” in kinship with BLM racialism. It was VA Tech that, in September of this year, saw a teacher apologize for being a “Caucasian, Cis-gender, female.

And, to top it off, it was this school that, in 2016, provided “Safe Spaces” for people who couldn’t hold their minds together because of the 2016 presidential election.

Evidently, the accommodation of people who are upset by the results of an election works in favor of actually spending university funds to “create safe spaces” and coddling emails for people who flipped out over Donald Trump, offering messages such as:

I want you to hear clearly that you are loved. You deserve wellness. You deserve to thrive. You deserve community.

But if you form a “community” with like-minded people at a football game and chant about your dissatisfaction for the Great Leader, drone murders, baby-killing, higher taxes, jab mandates, and other nonsense, that’s off limits.

This surely will backfire.

Let’s go, Brandon.