Van Morrison To Release Anthems Protesting Against COVID19 Lockdowns

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 19, 2020
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In times of strife and hardship, when aggressive and threatening forces are arrayed against peace-loving people, the anguished and anxious often are surprised by the allies who take big risks to join them in their cause.

Such is the case for those standing in support of free, voluntary association, free trade (which is the same thing, really), real science, and free speech, as we saw a music industry icon recently stand up against anti-rights COVID19 lockdowns. His name is Van Morrison, born George Ivan Morrison, and now known as SIR Van Morrison after Queen Elizabeth made him an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1996.

As MRCTV readers likely know, at the end of August, Van rose against the might of the state lockdowns in announcing not only that he and his band would be doing UK concerts once more, but that he wanted people to join him in fighting the politicians and bureaucrats who had, warden-like, kept people imprisoned in their homes and away from their churches, offices, shops, and neighbors. At the time, Sir Van said:

Fight with me… Come forward, stand up, fight the pseudo-science and speak up.

And now, he’s fighting even harder.

Keep your eyes and ears open for September 25, when, as The Guardian reports, Sir Van will release “No More Lockdowns,” the first of three new protest anthems he’s created to punch back at the state and to inspire and inform people about their rights and the manner in which many political hacks have manipulated the data.

Van Morrison has described the British government as “fascist bullies disturbing our peace” in one of three new tracks (‘No More Lockdowns’) he has written…

And British paper offered more of his stirring, Natural Rights based, lyrics:

No more lockdown / No more government overreach / No more fascist bullies / Disturbing our peace …

No more taking of our freedom / And our God-given rights / Pretending it’s for our safety / When it’s really to enslave…

Some might quibble with Sir Van about whether the actual intent of politicians, bureaucrats, pop media dinosaurs, and many leftist celebrities was to enslave, but there is no rational manner in which any of those big-government figures can argue that the lockdowns are not forms of enslavement, imprisonment, the theft of property, and the destruction of rights. All one need do is look at what governments have done to shut down store owners, salon workers, gun shop owners, churchgoers, beach visitors, concert and bar patrons, sunbathers, funeral attendees, wedding parties, schools, grocery stores, and virtually every area of private, voluntary association and the answer is made manifestly obvious.

And The Guardian continues, offering more – and assiduously avoiding something important. First, they note:

No More Lockdown also indicts ‘Imperial College scientists making up crooked facts’, presumably in reference to the former government scientific adviser Prof Neil Ferguson.

But the paper doesn’t bother reminding readers why one might criticize Ferguson.

He just so happens to be the professor whose terribly flawed, thirteen-year-old computer model mistakenly estimated that COVID19 would kill HALF-A-MILLION people in the UK and 2.2 MILLION in the US if draconian attacks on people and their liberty were not undertaken by those respective governments.

He just so happens to be the professor whose estimates were accepted by federal bureaucrats Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, and by numerous state political thugs like NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), PA Governor Tom Wolf (D), CA Governor Gavin Newsom (D), MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), Maine Governor Janet Mills (D), Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R), and NJ Governor Phil Murphy (D), and many more – leading to the worst crackdown on civil liberties in US history since the Civil War.

And Ferguson just so happens to be the suave cat who, though telling OTHERS to stay home and keep their lives and loves on hold – got caught twice in May welcoming his married lover in breach of the very lockdown orders he had recommended. As Technocracy News wrote at the time, the revelation led to Ferguson resigning from Imperial College, but not before his epidemiological errors had been accepted by foolish statists in Britain and elsewhere:

Ferguson, who resigned from his Government advisory position on Tuesday, predicted that up to 500,000 Britons and 2.2 million in the US would die without measures. Somehow, Sweden – which enacted virtually no measures to mitigate the virus. has a lower per-capita mortality rate than the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands – all of which enacted lockdown measures.

And, by the way, Technocracy News also offers readers a bit of perspective about Ferguson’s married squeeze, just to give us an idea of the political drainpipe around which they circle:

 His lover, Antonia Staats, has an ‘open marriage’ with her own husband and is not bound to a monogamous relationship with him. Thus, she frolics with other lovers to fulfill her own lust… Staats is also revealed to be a ‘left-wing’ campaigner. She works for an American non-profit Avaaz, which is dedicated to global activism on issues like climate change and animal rights. Avaaz was co-founded in 2007 by the left-wing

But, for some strange reason, The Guardian couldn’t bother mentioning any of that. Instead, in the paragraph in which they mention Sir Van’s criticism of Ferguson, they add:

In June, Ferguson said 20,000 deaths could have been prevented had the government imposed a national lockdown a week earlier than it eventually did on 23 March. In the UK, 41,705 people are known to have died of the virus.

All of which estimations are highly suspect, given Ferguson’s shameful pervious errors, and all of which are not given proper context by The Guardian, again, because Van Morrison’s criticism of Ferguson likely isn’t related to what the newspaper wrote, but to the much larger, more flagrant scientific and judgement errors Ferguson made – errors which exposed him as a towering hypocrite.

Van Morrison’s courage and valor stand out in a world dominated by pop media celebrities and shallow-minded reporters, political glad-handlers, and despots. In a statement, he said:

I’m not telling people what to do or think. The government is doing a great job of that already. It’s about freedom of choice. I believe people should have the right to think for themselves.

Like Morrissey, who has stood tall for the BrExit vote, like the Reverend Horton Heat, who has said he will play live in the US and allow others to exercise their God-given right to freely associate with others, Van Morrison not only shows courage, he understands that the COVID19 “science” has been irrevocably and irretrievably corrupted by politicians and political money-funnels.

Van Morrison understands that these political parasites are destroying our rights, and he is doing something about it, regardless of the panty-waist criticism from the so-called “alternative music” press, many of whom are exposing themselves to be the elitist, conformity-pushing, statist, collectivist nose-pinchers we suspected they were. As my friend, Jared, a fellow music lover and musician, wrote to me:

(A)nd the "cool" music sites are making fun of him for it, of course. Good for him. I consider it a brave move to publicly come out as anything other than a Democrat/liberal/socialist if you're anything but a mainstream country musician. The ‘indie’ media will ridicule you constantly as they continue to write reviews stating that every album they like is a critique of the evils of capitalism.

Amen. And as my friend, Mike, wrote to me:

I just became a Van Morrison fan.

I think many more people like Mike are going to flock to Sir Van’s music and message.

Thank God for courageous men like him and those who believe in freedom.