VA's Loudoun County - Which Ignored Rape - To Cite Maskless Students For Trespassing

Brittany M. Hughes | February 3, 2022
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Loudoun County Public Schools is not only suspending students who show up to school without a facemask – now, they’re vowing to issue trespassing citations to kids as young as 5 who enter the building without one.

Audio from a recent meeting reveals Janet Davidson, the Assistant Principal of Creighton’s Corner Elementary School, explaining that all Loudoun County public school students are still required to wear facemasks in county facilities despite a recent order from newly inaugurated Republican Gov. Glen Youngkin allowing parents to choose whether to send their kids to school without one. Students – who begin kindergarten at the age of 5, and who also presumably fall under this new catch-al policy – who fail to comply with the local ordinance and show up to school with a bare face will now be suspended and possibly charged with trespassing.

“It is important that I point out to you, stated in the letter that you’ll receive, it’s important that I point out to you that they’re not allowed on campus or on Loudoun County Public School property starting tomorrow,” Davidson stated on the recording, referring to students who come to school maskless. “It will be considered trespassing.”

Davidson added that a student's suspension will end when they agree to comply with the mask rule.

The new policy is an escalation from how the district has been handling maskless kids for the past week, when they were removed from class, denied an education, and instead made to sit alone in another part of the building such as the auditorium.

To remind, this is the same school district that was recently caught covering up the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom of a local high school by a biological boy dressed as a female, and that was just last May.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, who just took office in January and who also ran on a pro-parent, pro-freedom platform, vowed to take action on the situation, telling the Daily Caller Wednesday, “You will be seeing some news from our office in the next 24 hours on behalf of those parents in Loudoun County.”

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