Veganism Could Get Same Legal Protections as Religion in U.K.

Nick Kangadis | December 3, 2018
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All we need is another excuse for hardcore vegans to sneer at meat-eaters for being so cruel to animals that they eat them to survive. Then there are “ethical vegans,” who want nothing to do with anything that might even bother an animal. No word on what they think of humans.

Animal rights activist and “ethical vegan” Jordi Casamitjana alleges that he was terminated from his job at an anti-hunting organization, the League Against Cruel Sports (the League). Yes, that’s an actual organization.

Casamitjana reportedly told CNN that he thinks he was fired after he “discovered that their pension fund was invested in companies involved in animal testing.”

For those that are wondering why Casamitjana would have a problem with that, “ethical vegans” avoid “all forms of animal exploitation and clothing,” including, but not limited to, “leather, zoos, aquariums.” They also “try to avoid” any and all “animal-tested products.”

Sounds like fun.

According to CNN:

On Monday, Casamitjana announced on a crowdfunding site to raise money for his legal action that his Employment Tribunal hearing had been set for March 13 and 14. The hearing will determine whether ethical veganism can be protected by the country's discrimination legislation. A subsequent hearing would decide whether Casamitjana was discriminated against[…]

Britain's Equality Act defines "religion or belief" as one of the nine "protected characteristics," which include race, sex, pregnancy and maternity, making it unlawful for employers to discriminate on those grounds.

The law firm believes ethical veganism will meet the requirements needed to become a philosophical belief.

Seriously? Veganism could be deemed equal to religion? I mean, I get it. The way that some vegans parade their “moral superiority” to non-vegans, sometimes in the form of “activism,” you could see how they could view the way they live their lives as “philosophical beliefs” or “religion.”

I see it as more of a cult. You want to be a vegan? Fine. Knock yourself out. I have no problem with it. You want to be an “ethical vegan?” Have at it. I’m not going to stop you. But, when you view your way of life as the same as believing in whichever deity someone else believes in, you lose me.

As far as Casamitjana’s dismissal from the League, the organization stated that Casamitjana wasn’t fired because of his outing of the organization’s pension fund affiliations, but because of “gross misconduct.” The League told CNN that it is a “vegan friendly employer.”

“Casamitjana was not dismissed because he raised concerns about the pension, either internally or externally,” a League spokesperson told CNN, “so there is no substance to his claims that he was ‘whistleblowing.”

Is it just me, or is the term “whistleblowing” being thrown about to the point that an argument on whether vegans should be as legally protected as religion is considered Earth-shattering? Whistleblowing should be reserved for outing a criminal organization or a government official involved in nefarious dealings — not whether Veganism is akin to religion.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a steak that isn't going to eat itself. And, it's grass-fed beef, so that's kinda vegan.

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