Vice Host Asks Jake Paul Ridiculous Question: 'Was it Racist to Knock a Black Man Out?'

Nick Kangadis | December 8, 2020
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I hope everyone’s ready for the dumbest thing they’ll hear and see all week. Heck, maybe all month!

Vice hosts Cari Champion and race-baiting sports commentator Jemele Hill had YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul, who is white, on their program and asked him a pretty peculiar question about his recent exhibition knockout victory over retired NBA player Nate Robinson, who is black, in late November.

“Was it racist to knock a black man out?” Champion asked before stating that question was their “Question of the Week” (no joke).

It apparently wasn’t the first time Paul was asked the question, because he seemed pretty annoyed with the query.

“Stop asking me that,” Paul responded. “I said no.”

After Champion repeated her question as if dumbfounded by the answer she received, she asked Paul again. Paul was not amused.

“It’s a sh**ty question,” Paul said. “It’s a sport.”

If there’s a chance you might not like the answer to your question, maybe don’t ask the question, snowflake.

Is it racist to call a black woman “snowflake?” I’m not up on what’s been deemed racist in the last five minutes.

Anyway, the hosts laughed at Paul’s answer as if it were a foregone conclusion that it was, in fact, racist for Paul to knock out Robinson during a boxing matchup.

“How does this have anything to do with race?” Paul asked after Champion kept pushing him.

Champion then followed up with advice for Paul — and presumably for white people.

“It’s a fine question,” Champion said. “We’ve gotta wake you up. You’ve gotta be part of this conversation.”

Funny how we never see a black boxer asked how if he thinks it’s racist to knock out someone who isn’t black. It never works the other way for race hustlers like Champion and Hill. They’re always the victim.

Far-leftists like to divide people in every possible way, so it’ll be interesting to see how they react the next time a black basketball player dunk on a white guy or the next time a black baseball player hits a home run off of a latino pitcher.

Crickets. That’s all you’ll hear, which begs the question: Are the race hustlers the real purveyors of racism?