VIDEO: Climate Change Activist 'Mr. Broccoli' Can't Answer Why We Need to Stop Eating Meat

Ferlon Webster Jr. | October 16, 2019
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If you’ve been on the internet paying attention to any of the climate change protests you’ve probably seen some very weird people doing some very odd things that seem to have no purpose at all.

This was the case as Piers Morgan interviewed a climate change protester on the “Good Morning Britain” show on Wednesday and let’s just say this guy’s head was in the wrong place.

A vegan man, possibly known as Roland, dressed in a Broccoli suit and called himself Mr. Broccoli so he could convince people to address climate issues and give up meat because, of course, meat is bad.

"You've got some powerful friends in people like Lewis Hamilton. How are you going to persuade people like me, who want a balanced diet of fruit, veg, meat, like we've always done, and think that's perfectly OK?" Morgan asked. "There's also increasing evidence that a strict vegan diet can have a bad impact on you."

Referring to his odd outfit and his lack of information on the subject he so loved, the man said he was “just a humble broccoli” and “I just grow.”

“It’s not a joke,” he told Morgan’s co-host. “But I do think given the gravity of the situation, some levity and humor is important.”

“Do you practice what you preach,” Morgan asked him. “When it comes to the environment, a home, do you have television and electrical devices?”

“No, I’m just a broccoli,” he replied. “I don’t have electric.”

Morgan, who was obviously frustrated at the man’s antics, also confronted Mr. Broccoli on his lack of scientific data as he pointed out that children who are forced to consume a vegan diet are often “more stupid.” 

“I’m not a scientist,” Mr. Broccoli continued to say when confronted with facts.

The “Good Morning Britain” host rightfully ended the segment telling the vegan climate change activists that he was going to have two 36 oz. steaks and promised that he’d send a picture to them of him gnawing on the bone. 

H/T: The Blaze