VIDEO: Comedy Sketch Depicts 'Murderers For Bernie' Canvasing For Sanders

Ferlon Webster Jr. | November 1, 2019
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A new comedy sketch in the conservative sphere aimed to mock Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ stance on allowing felons, even the Boston Bomber, a chance to vote in elections, and they did it successfully. 

Comedian Victor Dweck, portraying mass murderer “Icepick,” joined BlazeTV to depict a man serving 180 years for burning his local Equinox gym to the ground for not having towels after he came out of the shower. 

When asked by the sketch reporter, Martha Hyde-White, how he became interested in politics, the mass murderer replied:

Icepick: “When you’re doing 180 years you gotta lot of time to read, I probably read every book in the prison library.”

Hyde-White: “Which book has made the biggest impression on you?” 

Icepick: “Two books…'The Bridges of Madison County’ and ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolf Hitler."

The dry-voiced criminal explained that Hitler’s book helped him to organize his thoughts and that appeared to be the reason he was able to “spread his message” throughout the prison system about Sanders’ plan to allow felons to vote.

“With help from the Sanders camp, Icepick has been allowed to spend his one hour a day out of solitary confinement canvassing for Bernie,” Hyde-White stated.

Icepick can be seen holding a sign on a neighborhood sidewalk next to a security guard promoting Planned Parenthood and handing out flyers for people to vote for Sanders.

“My body, my choice,” he chanted with the security guard. “Vote Bernie, climate change is real. Keep the planet nice for the kids.”

What did people in the neighborhood think of Icepick?

“To the patriarchy, Icepick is dismissed as some homicidal maniac,” a non-binary person said. “But to the upper-west side, he’s our…Thomas Paine, our Paul Revere.”

Unfortunately, at the end of the video you learn allowing mass murderers out to canvas neighborhoods may not be the best idea, considering Icepick murdered the interviewer’s camera man and had another eight years added to his 180-year sentence.

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