VIDEO: Cops Stand By as Protesters Smoke Pot in Front of White House

danjoseph | April 4, 2016
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Pot smokers across the globe traditionally celebrate their love of marijuana on April 20. Every year, potheads—young and old—take to the streets and commit acts of civil disobedience on “4/20” by getting high in public.

This year, however, DC cannabis lovers just couldn't wait for April 20 to light up in the streets. So they moved their annual protest to April 2. Perhaps they just got confused about the dates. Either way, love was in the air (as well as some other stuff) as these stoners stuck it to the man by lighting up as police stood by and observed the festivities. 

Hundreds of advocates for pot legalization (as well as some folks who just felt like it would be really cool to get high in public) gathered in front of the White House for their celebration. Many held signs that expressed their frustration with President Obama for his refusal remove cannabis from the federal list of "Schedule 1" substances.

Because the government still lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, Americans who are caught possessing pot can be hit with the same types of harsh sentences as those who are found guilty of possessing drugs such as heroin and crystal meth. 

DC Metropolitan Police were on the scene at the White House as rally-goers lit up their joints and packed their bowls, but decided that it simply wasn't worth it to arrest any of the law breakers. They did, however, issue citations to several of the attendees who were caught in possession of small amounts of marijuana and confiscated their pot and paraphernalia.