Video: Patriots Pray for Forgiveness as New Scandal Mars Opening Day Win?

Craig Bannister | September 11, 2015
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When New England Patriots players knelt in prayer at midfield last night, were they giving thanks for their opening day win – or asking for forgiveness for their latest rules scandal?

The NFL’s Patriots followed up their Spygate and Deflategate scandals last night with a brand new one: Headset-gate, in which a Patriots radio broadcast, somehow, started blaring into the headsets of the Pittsburgh Steelers coaches – making it impossible for them to communicate.

NFL Coaches and players immediately began making accusations of rule violations, highlighting the Equity Rule, which requires both teams to stop using headphones when one team’s is malfunctioning. Apparently, the Patriots were not required to remove their headset because there was not a complete shutdown of the system. Despite coaches claiming that this type of occurance happens regularly at the Patriots home stadium, the NFL has claimed responsibility for the latest incident.

Still, after their win, Patriots players gathered at midfield in the pouring rain - a deed captured on video by the Media Research Center, but, ignored by NBC which cut away, apparently, to protect its viewers from being exposed to anything reverent, religious, or wholesome.

So, I guess there are actually two questions about the Patriots’ post-game prayer:

  1. Were the Pats players giving thanks, or asking for forgiveness?
  2. Either way, why didn’t NBC want its viewers to see them do it?

You make the call.



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