Video Shatters Rep. Cori Bush’s Claim That 'Unsafe' GOP Rep. Greene 'Berated' Her In the Capitol

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 31, 2021
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With the ubiquity of cell phone cams and live-streaming, it’s becoming easier and easier to expose political attempts to manipulate people and shade the truth. And America got to see precisely that played out in the ever-more expensive halls of Congress this weekend, as Rep Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) exposed the evident falsehood of Rep Cori Bush’s (D-MO) claim that she is moving her congressional office away from neighboring Greene’s because Greene “berated” her in a hallway and Bush feels unsafe.

It turns out that Taylor Greene had a live-stream running at precisely that moment, and the footage doesn’t bolster Bush’s inflammatory claim at all.

Bush’s “Taylor Greene and her ilk frighten me” narrative rolled out on Friday, January 19, when Bush tweeted:

A maskless Marjorie Taylor Greene & her staff berated me in a hallway. She targeted me & others on social media. I'm moving my office away from hers for my team's safety. I've called for the expulsion of members who incited the insurrection from Day 1. Bring H.Res 25 to a vote.

Which is notable for numerous reasons, the most prominent of which is that none of the people arrested at the January 6 Capitol fracas have been charged with insurrection, nor were any of them members of Congress. But Bush, many of her Democrat colleagues, and many leftist media propagandists keep repeating that term as if it can change reality – or, perhaps, to imprint the erroneous fantasy in the minds of many who don’t know the truth.

It’s also notable because, prior to getting into Congress in the last election, Bush was a prominent Black Lives Matter organizer in Missouri, and she appears much more interested in ginning-up a fraudulent, politically expedient narrative about her Congressional adversaries in the GOP being “intimidating” and “inciting insurrection” than she was in vocally calling for BLM protests to stop turning into mob-fueled riots, looting, and arson parties.

And it’s notable because Taylor Greene appears to have recorded precisely the event Bush mentioned – which doesn’t look very good for Bush.


Shortly after Bush pushed her evidently tall tale, Taylor Greene quoted her Democrat office neighbor on Twitter, and posted video she live-streamed of what appears to be the actual encounter. And, for good measure, the Georgia Freshman Rep wrote this:

Rep. @CoriBush is the leader of the St. Louis Black Lives Matter terrorist mob who trespassed into a gated neighborhood to threaten the lives of the McCloskey’s. She is lying to you. She berated me. Maybe Rep. Bush didn’t realize I was live on video, but I have the receipts.

And those "receipts" certainly appear to back up Taylor Greene and expose Bush in what appears to have been her attempt to deceive Americans and do an injustice to Taylor Greene.

As Paul Bedard notes for The Washington Examiner:

At the time, Greene was walking in the tunnel between the Cannon House Office Building and the Capitol, on a Facebook livestream disputing charges she supported the Jan. 6 violence at the Capitol and accusing Democrats of looking the other way on antifa violence in several cities over the past year.

And, as viewers can see, even though Taylor Greene was not within six glorious feet of anyone, she did not have on her mask – this appears to have inspired Bush to “go ballistic.”

In the video, a woman who sounds quite a lot like Bush can be heard yelling from afar, “Put on a mask!”

Sooo, rather than Taylor Greene being the one who berated Bush, it clearly looks as if it was Bush who berated Taylor Greene, fitting the same pattern of the left attacking prominent members of the right, puffing up a narrative that their conservative targets tied to or responsible for violence and insurrection, and overlooking their own connections to it and to offering blithe excuses for it when committed by leftist radicals such as AntiFa and Black Lives Matter.

Taylor Greene’s video places Bush in the despicable company of people like former Obama drone-slaughter-advisor and former CIA head John Brennan, who, in a flipping-of-reality, recently portrayed “nativists” and libertarians as similar to fascists, and put them all in the category of “domestic terror threat” even as he blithely turned his back on the destruction to life and liberty he helped incur when working with Obama.

And, as Bedard observes:

As the video rolls, Greene pulled up her mask and turned back to say, ‘You know what, don’t yell at people,’ as Bush continues to shout about masks.

Greene then referenced the surprising decision by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to let coronavirus infected members into the Capitol to vote for her for speaker. ‘You shouldn’t bring COVID positive members in here spreading COVID everywhere. Stop being a hypocrite.’

And Taylor Greene frustratedly said to her live-stream audience:

Yeah, this is how it is here now. This is how it is — stop being a hypocrite — this is arguing with my Democrat, Democrat colleagues, supposed colleagues. That’s how it is, that’s how it is now in America. So you’re witnessing exactly what we’re having to live through.

But we’re witnessing more than arguments and sniping. It’s more than childish playground disagreement. This is what happens when people realize they can take hold of the levers of government power if they fashion a demonizing narrative to portray their opposition as evil, racist, bigoted aggressors, when, in fact, it is the very machine of the government itself that is the weapon, and those who don’t try to decrease its size and scope are the ones who are guilty of wrongdoing. It is the promoters of government power who are guilty of violating that supposedly sacred oath to the Constitution, and guilty of operating the biggest mafia-like thug organization in human history.

Why should anyone be surprised to see such people create fictive propaganda to help them grow more politically powerful? And why should anyone be surprised to see politicians like Bush don't understand that the ubiquity of video cameras will continue to expose them?

Or perhaps they do realize it. And perhaps that's why so many big-government boosters appear to favor crackdowns on social media -- so the footage exposing them won't be seen.