Video Shows Parishioners in Mexico City Barricading Church Doors Against Violent Feminists and Abortion Supporters

Brittany M. Hughes | March 11, 2020
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Cell phone footage out of Mexico City uploaded to social media this week caught the tense moment when angry feminists and abortion rights protesters tried to beat down the doors of a church with parishioners, some of them children, running for cover inside. 

The video shows some of the churchgoers inside the church barricading the doors of the Hermosillo Cathedral with wooden pews as the doors shake from being pounded on from the outside.

Multiple reports state this week's protests, estimated to have drawn around 80,000 people, quickly turned violent, leaving multiple people with burns and other injuries.

From the Catholic News Agency:

Considerable violence took place outside the city’s cathedral, where some feminist demonstrators, many of whom wore masks, threw paint and flammable liquids at the church. A group of Catholics had gathered outside the cathedral to safeguard it during the demonstration, and a contingent of female police officers was assigned to the site. Both fell under attack.

… Demonstrators also threw Molotov cocktails at Mexico’s National Palace, the country’s official presidential residence, leaving some at the demonstration with burns and other injuries, smashed car windshields, and burnt the doors of some buildings.

Another video from the protest shows protesters throwing what appears to be a Molotov cocktail or some other incendiary device, only to miss their target and have it explode within their own group.