Video: Transgender Named ‘Lucky’ Shares Abortion Story to Claim that ‘It’s Not Just a Women’s Rights Issue’

Craig Bannister | June 1, 2023
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A biological female who considers herself a male says abortions aren’t just for women, in a new video advertisement for Planned Parenthood’s abortion and “gender-affirming” services.

The video opens like the stereotypical beginning of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting:

“Hi. My name is Lucky. I’ve had an abortion and I get gender-affirming care from Planned Parenthood.”

“I tell my abortion story because people need to understand that it’s not just a women’s rights issue, it is a people’s rights issue,” Lucky says.

Planned Parenthood has publicly touted transgender ideology, since becoming a major provider of cross-sex hormones.

Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men,” Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director for Primary and Trans Care Dr. Bhavik Kumar famously claimed during a House Oversight Committee hearing last September.

Its abortion, “gender-affirming,” and birth control products all go “hand-in-hand,” Planned Parenthood tweeted on Sunday:

“It’s not just about abortion. Advocating for abortion goes hand-in-hand with advocating for gender-affirming care and birth control. Access to health care is a right, no matter what.”

“When it comes to your abortion, any reason is the right reason,” Planned Parenthood says in its introduction of the video on YouTube. “Telling your abortion story is important, and the more we talk about this essential form of health care, the more normalized it becomes.”

Abortion “needs to be out there” and “needs to be shared,” Lucky says in the video:

“It’s important to talk about abortion in a health care setting, because I think that when we don’t, we see abortion as this very, very uncommon, isolated thing. And, it’s not. It needs to be shared and it needs to be out there, just like any other thing that people go through.”

“My abortion was one of the greatest acts of compassion I have ever committed,” Lucky says in the video, calling having an abortion “just one of the best decisions I have ever made, ever, in my life.”

Lucky’s tale of abortion and sexual mutilation brings to mind that of the urban legend of a “missing dog” ad for a castrated canine of the same name:

“Lost Dog. 3 legs, blind in one eye, missing right ear, tail broken, recently castrated. Answers to the name of ‘Lucky.’”