The View & Chasten Buttigieg: GOP Exerts ‘Calculated Choice’ Against Trans Youth

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | March 16, 2023
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Last Week, The View hosted Jane Fonda who made a so-called “joke” about murdering pro-lifers. Earlier this week, host Sunny Hostin claimed she was “oppressed” and demanded reparations. On March 16, The View hosted none other than Chasten Buttigieg, the "husband" of the Secretary of Transportaion, Pete Buttigieg, to dish about fatherhood, his gayness and especially, his support for transgender youth. 

This gave "s**t show" a whole new meaning. 


Amid conversation about challenges of raising a set of twins with his husband, Joy Behar jumped in to switch the topic to the “larger issue” of “what’s going on” where “politicians across the country are trying to restrict gay and trans rights, everything from Florida's so-called don't say gay bill to banning drag shows. There's a war against transgender people.”

Naturally, the other harpies nodded or let out audible notions of agreement. 

Buttigieg said, “I think its an extremely dangerous time.” He's right. It's a dangerous time to be a confused teenager, with the culture telling you that, if you had a bad day you might be in the wrong body, and a whole industry eager to sell you life-altering surgeries and medications and calling it “gender-affirming health care.”

But that's not what Mrs. Buttigieg meant. Normal people are the danger.

He started harping on book bans. He insisted that kids are “extremely vulnerable” and banning books for them to read is a “calculated choice” to make kids the “enemy.” 

WHAT? Kids are not the enemy. Kids, like he said, are the vulnerable ones who need to be taught truth and taught to love the God-given body they were blessed with. The enemy are groomers who want to sexualize children, confuse them about sexuality and subject them to harmful chemicals and surgeries with irreversible damage. The enemy is the ideology that preaches there is no normal. 

That’s what’s dangerous. 

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Going back to the topic of "book bans" for a second, its important to recognize that the titles aren’t being removed for frivolous reasons. Books that are being taken from school libraries are the ones that teach five-year-olds how to masturbate, or the ones that tell vulnerable kids to keep secrets from their parents or teach about anal sex. THOSE are the things being removed because they are prime ways for adults to groom kids.

As a segue, Buttigieg added a plug for his own book claiming that he hopes his “book gets into hands of kids and are looking up to politicians and saying do I have a place in this country, do I belong here? My answer to them is, yes, you do.”

Certainly they do, but most especially as the kids they were born to be, not some fictitious version of themselves that they’re told is real and that's what kids should be taught. 

It’s not a surprise that Buttigieg and The View ladies are so “all-in” for transgender youth but the danger lies in the fact that this is the garbage the viewers hear and see and may, in-turn, start to believe. 

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