The View's Sunny Hostin Says 'Black Republican' Is an Oxymoron

Brittany M. Hughes | May 6, 2022
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It seems more and more that the left’s agenda hinges on its outright refusal to recognize the existence of people who are inconvenient to their narrative.

Like unborn babies. Pro-life women. Conservative gay people.

And, apparently, Republicans with any level of melanin.

During a discussion with TV personality Lindsey Granger, a black conservative, The View’s Sunny Hostin asserted that the term “black Republican” is “an oxymoron.”

“There are many things that I don’t stand by that Trump did,” Granger was saying. “Trump has done things that are racist - I’m a black woman at birth, so always understand that. But I do say that I have many conservative values that I will talk to you about.”

“I think that’s an oxymoron - a ‘black Republican,’” Hostin cut in.

“Why? Your friend right here is a Republican!” Grander responded, gesturing to Hostin’s co-host Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, a Hispanic woman and a registered Republican.

“I don’t understand either of you. I understand myself, I don’t understand either of you,” Hostin continued.

“I don't under black Republicans and I don't understand Latino Republicans,” she added.

Hostin might think being a free-minded Black Republican is an oxymoron, because they don't lock-step with the left's prescribed agenda that's been mandated on every person of color.

But Hostin's just a plain moron, so there's that.




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