Viral Video Shows a Man in Shorty Shorts Harassing a Woman For Not Wearing a 'F***ing Mask' In a Store

Brittany M. Hughes | December 15, 2020
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A video going viral on social media shows the moment a man verbally accosted a woman and stalked her around a store for not wearing a face mask.

In the video, taken in what appears to be a Hobby Lobby, the man – who’s dressed in embarrassingly short shorts, which is entirely beside the point but just further emphasizes his ridiculousness – walks up to the woman, gets up in her face and demands she puts her face mask on. From the footage, it’s obvious he’s been accosting her for at least a few moments already, prompting her to pull out her phone and film the harassment.

The man continues to follow the woman around the store, stepping within feet of her and demanding she “put your f***ing mask on.”

The woman repeatedly asks the man to step away from her and reminds him that if he’s so concerned about COVID, he should be maintaining at least six feet of distance – which he continually disregards.

Several customers can be seen trying to tell the man to stop, but no one physically intervenes on the woman’s behalf. At one point, someone can be heard asking the woman if she wants them to call security, just before a voice comes over the store’s loudspeaker asking for help. After another woman tells the harasser to “leave her alone,” the exasperated man finally gives up and walks away.