Vox: Tell Your Kids Abortion Is Okay

Michael Ippolito | June 17, 2022
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As the fate of Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance, the leftist establishment is doing everything in its power to shift the narrative. Now they want parents to talk about abortion, but only with the leftie-approved facts. 

Left-wing news outlet Vox wants parents to talk with their children about abortion but does not want parents to discourage the horrific act. Instead, contributor, Alex Hazlett believes that brainwashing kids to support abortion is the only chance of saving Roe. 

Hazlett cites left-wing journalist Melinda Wenner Moyer to support his ridiculous claims about abortion. “Abortion rights,” Wenner Moyer says, “then, can be brought up as a natural extension of the bodily autonomy discussion you are probably already having.” Except that the baby's body is the same as the mother’s. 

It only gets worse. Hazlett ironically argues that abortion is a net positive for familial formation, again citing Wenner Moyer, who offers this wording to explain to a child why another child should die: 

As your mom, I know that being a mom is such an important job, but it is also really, really hard. There are so many things that I have to be able to juggle and so many resources I need to have. I wouldn’t want a woman or person with a uterus to have to have a baby if they didn’t feel that they were ready for it or they didn’t feel they had the resources they needed.

“Person with a womb …” tells you all you need to know about Wenner Moyer’s grasp of reality. It’s not surprising then that she bypasses pregnancy crisis centers, adoption agencies, or churches, Hazlett and goes right to abortion. 

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Then to check all the identity politics boxes, Hazlett and Wenner Moyer claim pro-life is rooted in sexism. Anti-abortion activists are “saying women shouldn’t be in charge of their bodies, or that they can’t make decisions for themselves, and that’s not fair, and that’s not true.” Hazlett is furious that modern technology like ultrasounds shows the baby is alive and should not be murdered. 

Finally, Hazlett wants to end the stigma about abortion and turn it into a positive experience. He wants people to tell sugar-coated stories about abortion, not the horrific truth. “Sharing personal narratives of abortion can be difficult owing to the stigma around them,” he says, “and restrictive state laws could make doing so even more fraught.” Rather than telling how evil and destructive abortion is, Hazlett wants abortion to be seen as an act of love. 

Vox continues to promote dumpster fire articles that hide the true brutality of abortion.