Wacky MOLE: Lib Media Try To Crush Kavanaugh

Eric Scheiner | September 28, 2018
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression, well... things are not so wacky. They are actually pretty revolting.

The liberal media was viciously focused on destroying Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh by repeating uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault against him for hours on end. Only a small percent of the coverage was devoted to Kavanaugh’s denials and the lack of corroboration for his accusers’ accounts.

The hours of coverage came before Thursday’s Senate Judiciary testimony from Christine Blasey Ford. After she testified BUT before judge Kavanaugh sat down and even said a word, the liberal media were speculating on his replacement.

Even though lying under oath is a felony, after Kavanaugh testified, MSNBC decided to claim he lied repeatedly.

Since all this is more disgusting than wacky, we close out with CNN’s Jim Acosta making a fool of himself in front of President Trump this week. Enjoy!

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