Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression 10/13 Edition

Eric Scheiner | October 13, 2017

It’s the wacky moments of liberal expression - a look at the wackiest moments from the liberal media this week.

This week features:

ABC melting down over VP Mike Pence walking out of a football game after NFL players kneel during the national anthem, because it’s “a stunning move.”

Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations remind MSNBC reporters of other sex scandals during the 1990’s. None of which are Clinton related.

CNN has a panel where someone brings up the Clintons in relation to Weinstein and is immediately shouted down for using such a “red herring.”

The Boy Scouts move to accept girls is interesting to ABC, but it would be more explosive if the boys started selling cookies. No. Really. They said this.

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