Waiting For The Punchline: Mayor Claims Dems ‘Are Creating Great Places’ With Cities

Eric Scheiner | August 24, 2023
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The Democratic conference was supposed to be aimed at criticzing the GOP as a “Race to The MAGA Base,” but it took a veer into dark, absurd comedy when Madison, WI Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway touted the greatness of Democratic run cities.

“I would suggest that anybody who thinks this country is in decline, come to cities. Because Democratic Mayors all across the nation are creating great places where people want to be,” Rhodes-Conway said without the accompaniment of a rimshot and cymbal crash on Wednesday.

Perhaps people want to come to Democratic-run cities so they can take in  “The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit Tour?”

Perhaps visit San Fran and take the “Doom Loop Walking Tour” to see the squalor caused by Democratic policies first hand?

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Or perhaps visitors can feel the exhilaration of attempting to cheat death while visiting a Democrat-run city, since nine of the top ten cities with the highest murder rates in America are run by Democrats.

The one city in the top 10 (Las Vegas) that isn’t run by a Democrat, is run by an Independent - who was a Democrat until 2009.

So, yeah, great places are being created thanks to Democrats. Book a tent near the scenic mountain of feces while you still can.

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