Washington Gov. Inslee to First Responders: Get Vaxxed By Oct. 18 Or Get Fired

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 17, 2021

Monday, October 18 is the deadline day in Washington State – the day when Democrat Governor Jay Inslee’s seeming obsession with COVID diktats bears down on so-called “first responders” across the entire state.  

Police, firefighters, EMTs, and medical workers who are employed by, subsidized by, licensed by, or “regulated by” the state must accept one of the highly controversial mRNA injections into their body, or face immediate or imminent termination.

As Danielle Wallace reports for Fox News, this is not sitting well with those compelled to take one of the gene-vector injections (for a virus with a survivability rate over 99 percent), nor does it give business owners a lot of confidence in the government-manipulated safety system that has accrued like tarnish over the years:

Seattle business owners are fearing the looming vaccine mandate deadline for police officers and firefighters will further lengthen response time to 911 calls, as the city that saw months of violent demonstrations last year already grapples with police staffing shortages and surging crime.

For police, the process of being kicked to the curb by Inslee’s boot could take a few more days than it will for others who don’t bow to His Highness.

The extent of the vaccine mandate on police staffing shortages won’t be known until after Monday’s deadline. Oct. 18 is the date Seattle, King County and Washington State employees are required to submit proof of full vaccination, request an exemption or face termination.  

Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan said officers won’t face immediate termination Monday, but instead, those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will receive notice for a ‘Loudermill hearing,’ or a public forum where an employee can present their reasoning for going against the mandate before formal separation.

Do you think Inslee’s guards will be fired? How about the guards around the State House? Perhaps Inslee will call in the National Guard – you know, those neighbors of Washington State folks who vowed to abide by the Constitution, same as Inslee did.

This is an interesting time to think about oaths and ethics, isn’t it?

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To bring the problem home, let’s highlight the farewell one EMT offered to folks in Seattle.

Prefaced by Leah Anaya, and published October 16 by RedVoiceMedia, this anonymous message offers, in part:

Dear Seattle… I bid you thank you and farewell.

I am a City of Seattle Critical Care Paramedic, Senior EMT instructor and first responder and so very humbled and proud to serve YOU. However, I may not be much longer because I am different and apparently, there is no room for 'different' even if it means my community will suffer because of it.

She adds thoughts many others around the nation could express when it comes to the injection-mandating edicts of politicians. And one wonders if Jay Inslee cares about her thoughts, the U.S. Constitution, or the Nuremberg Codes, in the least:

After 27 years of serving my community, after October 18th, I am being told I will no longer be able to help when you need me most. Why? Because of a mandate that says I can no longer do patient care, no compromises, because medically speaking, my body is different. I cannot get the vaccine. It’s potentially extremely harmful for me. So now I will lose my livelihood and the work I love and serving you Seattle. My heart is breaking. The thought of losing the ability to do what I am made to do is unthinkable. Furthermore, the Seattle Fire Department, my family, is fractured at the core, dividing my brothers and sisters like strangers when once, we stood in unity. There is no tolerance, understanding, equity, or inclusiveness in this process, everything I thought this city and my department stood for.

One may quibble with the term “first responder,” when, in reality, civilians on a scene are the true first responders. But “first TRAINED responder” certainly could apply to hundreds of thousands like this woman – all in states with deadlines that have been triggered or that loom – states that will see these innocent multitudes disconnected from their professions.

Massachusetts  reached RINO Governor Charlie Baker’s deadline yesterday, October 17.

This is not going to go well for the edict-issuers or anyone who tries to enforce said edicts. Markets will respond, and the political elites will not be included in the prosperity.

If you get a chance, look for a prescient 1996 short story called “Off Shore,” written by my friend, Prometheus Award-winning author F. Paul Wilson. In it, he tells the tale of a black market “medical delivery man” who uses his speed boat to shuttle Americans from the U.S. shore to a ship in international waters.

That would be a hospital ship, filled with free-market doctors and nurses who have escaped government tyranny.

One wonders if that future is coming.

But one can be sure that the eyes of the world are watching what is happening, right now.

Those with an understanding of ethics do not like what they see many politicians doing. And we want positive solutions that don’t involve edicts from kingpins like Inslee and Baker.