WashPost Tells MLB To Punish DeSantis, Yank Spring Training From Florida

Jay Maxson | March 7, 2023
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Washington Post and ESPN race conspiracy theorist Kevin Blackistone is reviving the bizarre accusation that Jim Crow bigotry is coming back to life in the Deep South. President Joe Biden and other radical leftists tried unsuccessfully in the recent past to tag Georgia as a Jim Crow-on-steroids state, and that lie fell flat. Now Blackistone is accusing Florida of Jim Crow tactics and he’s demanding Major League Baseball boycott spring training in the Sunshine State. 

Blackistone’s outlandish opinion piece is largely an attack on conservative Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. "Baseball can no longer ignore Ron DeSantis’s culture wars,” Blackistone wrote, also claiming Florida has reconstituted a "hostile approach to inclusiveness … ”  

The same state that was once "home to Jim Crow laws" is coming back under DeSantis’s watch, Blackistone says in a complete fabrication. An attack on diversity is supposedly the "hallmark" of Gov. DeSantis’ administration, too. In Blackistone’s fertile imagination, life in Florida for minorities has not changed since the 1940s when MLB allowed just one man -- Jackie Robinson – to join the big leagues. 

The only resort for Major League Baseball is to prove its commitment to racial equality by moving all 15 franchises that train in Florida to Arizona. They should all boycott Florida until DeSantis goes woke and stops his so-called attacks on diversity. 

Blackistone called critical race theory “scientific” (LOL!) and blasted DeSantis for fighting against it. CRT “has been purposefully disfigured by DeSantis, an Ivy Leaguer, and others of his reactionary ilk into a boogeyman for White citizens who believe they are losing this country that wasn’t theirs in the first place.”  

The governor accurately called CRT anti-white propaganda that pits blacks against whites, U.S. history, laws and ethos, Fox News’ Jeffrey Clark responded. 

Blackistone lied about schools shutting down libraries in Florida because of DeSantis’ hostility to sexually inappropriate books. Incorrect! No school in Florida has shut down a library.  

Blackistone previously attacked state education law by mislabeling what the liars on the Left refer to as the “don’t say gay” law. The Parental Rights in Education law never mentions the word “gay.” The real law, that actually exists, restricts books with inappropriate sexual content for students under age 10 and forbids the teaching of any sexual content to children through 4th grade. 

Blackistone is doing what the radicals of the Left so often do: pressure sports leagues and associations to use a bully pulpit and remove NCAA tournament games, Super Bowls and now spring training baseball to punish states wise enough to oppose wacko left-wing policies. He said MLB teams could collectively “band together to oppose Florida” as a way to oppose Gov. DeSantis’s leadership, “with its hints of the troubling days of yesteryear ... After all, so many of the issues DeSantis has made noise standing against are the same issues baseball has made noise standing for in recent years. Diversity. Inclusion. Education about the game’s (and the country’s) unsavory racial past, which merits at least a small display now at its Cooperstown, N.Y., museum attached to the Hall of Fame.” 

Breitbart writer Warner Todd Huston correctly asserts that Blackistone is a grievance monger who commonly rails against “evil white supremacy and our irredeemable and systemically racist country. And, unsurprisingly, he’s at it again, wailing about Florida’s new era of Jim Crow.” 

Gov. DeSantis and Florida are shining examples of how states should stand up to the nonsense of the far Left and refuse to incorporate their maddening policies. California, New York and other states have already lost their minds and are now losing normal residents. So who needs another state to jump off that cliff with them? Stay the course and stand strong, Florida.

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