WATCH: American Soldiers Told To Go On Food Stamps While Biden Funds The Rest Of The World

Nick Kangadis | September 29, 2022
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Welcome back for another edition of the best kept secret in the conservative movement, Things That Need To Be Said. Depending on your preference, you can either watch the YouTube version below or the Rumble version above. There's no difference between the two videos. I just like to give you options if you're trying to get away from establishment platforms.

The U.S. Army has given soldiers "guidance" as to how to deal with inflation, with one suggestion being to go on food stamps. This is what our government is telling American soldiers while the Biden regime funds wars overseas, helps "poor countries" fight climate change and other ridiculous expenditures.

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Don't forget to watch the video above or below. Stay tuned to MRCTV for more!


Sources: Fox News, My Brain


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