WATCH: Ami Horowitz's New Video Shows Liberal Students and the KKK Hold Similar Values

Ferlon Webster Jr. | April 3, 2019
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Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz added another hit to his series “Ami on the Loose" in a video appropriately titled “The Left and the KKK may be separate, but they are equal!” And the footage exposes how the left’s ideologies are more racist than they’d like you to see.

Horowitz journeyed to Columbia University to talk with students about the recent efforts by colleges to offer separate housing, gyms, and graduations for students of color. 

Basically going back to the Civil Rights era.

In their responses, the (mostly white) students interviewed showed the high level of leftism that has invaded the brains.

“Would you support segregated housing for black people?” Horowitz asked.

The responses were pretty much the same:

“Yeah, it’s like a normal thing at most campuses.”

“Sure, if that’s what they wanted.”

“Absolutely they should have it.”

“I don’t see a problem with that.”

What has the left done to these people?

The answers were different when Ami traveled a few blocks away from the campus and asked black people the same question.

Their responses:

“Why? Are you going back in time? Why are you separating? We’re all together.”

“Wait, I don’t understand the logic there. It’s obviously terrible to separate people by race.”

“I feel like that’s basically segregation, we should all graduate together.”

“It’s all about social skills and if you can’t converse with people who are not the same skin color as you, then there’s no reason for you to be social at all.”

“Separating people by race at the gym? What, so white people don’t get their feelings hurt when they get dunked on?”

The really big turn in this video is when Horowitz interviewed Ku Klux Klan leader Chris Barker, an Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Knights. Take a wild guess at who he agreed with?

“Are you glad that the left has kind of come around to your point of view?” Horowitz asked.

“That would be a good thing if the left continues that way,” Barker said. “If they can stay more segregated, maybe the whites can learn their own culture.”

The white students, the left, and Imperial Wizard Chris Barker have a whole lot in common, eh? 

These “woke” liberals think they’re so well informed, but in reality they are some of the dumbest people on the planet - and I’m being nice when I say that. Their ignorance is just at an all-time high.

H/T: The Daily Wire