WATCH: Boehner Sobs While Praising Pelosi During Her Portrait Ceremony

Brittany M. Hughes | December 15, 2022
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Former House Speaker John Boehner practically sobbed while waxing poetic about soon-to-be-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's pending retirement from congressional leadership Wednesday.

During a ceremony to unveil Pelosi's official portrait commemorating her time as one of the most radical leftist leaders in U.S. history (courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, of course), Boehner choked up describing how his daughters told him to "tell the Speaker how much we really admire her." 

"The younger generation has a saying: game recognizes game," he continued.

"No other speaker of the House in the modern era, Republican or Democrat, has wielded the gavel with such authority or with such consistent results. You are one tough cookie," he then said through sniffles.

Well, it's certainly true that Boehner didn't.

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A Republican congressman from Ohio, Boehner served as the House Speaker himself from 2011 to 2015, and was known for being close friends with Pelosi, saying that the two “disagreed optically on many things, but we were never disagreeable to each other."

Even as Pelosi moved forward with her party's agenda to redefine basic biology, destroy American national sovereignty, wreck the economy, dismantle our energy sector leaving us reliant on foreign oil, and kill millions of unborn infants.

What a legacy.

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