Watch: CONFRONTED - Some Stores Have Had It With Shoplifters

Eric Scheiner | March 8, 2023
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Some shop workers seem to have had enough.

In Portland, Oregon Walmart is closing stores permanently as the city is hammered by a wave of shoplifting.

NYC is a haven for shoplifters, with retail thefts hitting record levels for the second year in a row in 2022, according to a New York Post analysis of police data.

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Members of the New Mexico’s House of Representatives voted earlier this month to approve a bill imposing new and harsher penalties for retail theft.

Last year, legislators in California, Florida, Louisiana and North Carolina stiffened penalties for stealing from stores.

You can blame lax shoplifting laws, wimpy woke prosecutors, or the tough Biden economy for the problem – but the National Retail Federation is reporting a rise in thefts and increase in violence against retail workers.

The women in the video above have had enough – and don’t seem to mind confronting those that attempt to steal from under their noses. We applaud them for their efforts and crack a smile as those whom are caught whine “This is not okay” – as they have the evidence from their bags dumped out before them.

We agree, this is not “okay” – so why do they attempt it?

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