WATCH: Do People Feel TV News Is Biased Against Kavanaugh?

Ferlon Webster Jr. | October 3, 2018
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Many people have noticed the mainstream media has a “bit” of a liberal bent to it, okay, okay, a HUGE liberal bent! Knowing this fact, MRC did a study exposing ABC, NBC, and CBS for giving completely uneven coverage to the unproven allegations made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The study focuses on “the twelve days since Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein publicly announced the existence of an unspecified allegation against Brett Kavanaugh.”

It shows that ABC, NBC, and CBS morning and evening newscasts spent nearly 6 hours on covering the unproved allegations against Kavanaugh, while “a measly eight percent — has been devoted to Kavanaugh’s denials and the lack of corroboration for his accusers’ accounts.”

So I took this study and went to the mall in DC to talk with various people about their views on how the media covered the sexual allegations against Kavanaugh.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversations!