WATCH: Emancipation Consternation - Mob and Counter-Protestors Clash At DC Lincoln Statue

mrctvstaff | June 26, 2020
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Hundreds of demonstrators and counter-protestors gathered at Lincoln Park in DC Friday to voice their opinions on the Emancipation Memorial.

Some rioters have vowed to tear down the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the capital that commemorates his 1863 proclamation freeing enslaved people during the Civil War, seeing it as “racist.” Counter-protestors gathered in an attempt to educate people on the creation and historical significance of the statue.

MRCTV live streamed video from Lincoln Park and captured some of the heated moments, including the tense situation when One America News correspondent Jack Posobiec was identified and singled out by the mob.

You can watch how events played out at the memorial in the video above.

MRCTV’s Ben Graham, Katie Moon and Eric Scheiner contributed to this story.