WATCH: Fair Play? Transgendered in Women's Sports

Ferlon Webster Jr. | April 10, 2019
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Have you ever seen the movie “Juwanna Mann?” Where a male athlete losing his eligibility to play in the NBA so pretends to be a woman and joins the WNBA?

Or how about the movie “Ladybugs” where a girl’s soccer team was so bad the coach (Rodney Dangerfield) decided to bring a boy in to boost the team’s rating?

Those movie plots were, just, that — movie plots. But now, what was once just in the movies has become a reality.

Biological men who identify as women have begun competing in female sports and have been dominating since they stepped foot in the “women’s door.”

I went to the Heritage Foundation on Monday to attend their “Fair Play?” event where women discussed the disadvantages female athletes face when men infiltrate women’s athletics.”

“The biggest danger is that there’s not going to be much left of women’s sports,” Madeleine Kearns, a writer for National Review told MRCTV.

Take a look at the story to see what this event was all about.