WATCH: ‘I Hope You’re Sober’ Sen. Turns Tables On Reporter By Reading His Tweets

Eric Scheiner | March 17, 2023
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During a recent recorded interview for KSDK-TV, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) had a few interesting questions for their political editor Mark Maxwell.

"Hey Mark, I got to ask you – why all the hate for the people who like free speech on Twitter? What’s going on with that?”

“I don’t understand your reference,” Maxwell replied.

"You called people who liked Elon Musk buying the site Twitter a bunch of 'boot-lickers.' This was on March 6. I'm looking at it right here. Seems kind of vitriolic," Hawley told Maxwell.

Maxwell said he supposed it was but that there are a lot of people that have a “cultish adoration” for Musk.

“But, bootlickers?” Hawley asked.

“You also said that you didn’t necessarily do any of this sober, Hawley continued.

“‘I never said I was sober’ you said - I hope you do our interview sober.  I hope you’re sober now."

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Hawley just kept up turning up the heat on various other tweets by Maxwell.

Maxwell seemed a little flustered by the questions.

"When journalists or so-called journalists refer to people they don’t like as 'boot-lickers' on a public platform, when they attack folks and then say they don't necessarily do stuff sober, it does tend to get my attention. I mean, we give you a lot of access. I just want to make sure that you're actually sober and taking this seriously, good lord in heaven."

Maxwell for his part claimed he was sober and was willing to take a blood alcohol test.

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