WATCH: A Laughing Greta Thunberg Stages Her Own Arrest Outside a German Coal Mine

Brittany M. Hughes | January 18, 2023
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A word to the wise, to anyone who doesn’t want to look like a total moron: if you’re going to get arrested for throwing a juvenile temper tantrum over something stupid, don’t stage it. And, if you do, at least have the common sense not to photograph the whole thing.

And yet, no one’s accused Greta Thunberg of being smart, or of possessing common sense. After all, this is the 20-year-old Swedish climate cultist whose entire claim to fame stems from sneering at some people during a global climate meeting.

Desperate to hold on to whatever is left of that 15 minutes, Thunberg filmed herself getting arrested in Germany during a protest at a coal mine this week, a photo op complete with poses, smirks, and a dramatic walk-off in the arms of several masked police officers who’d just escaped from a TRON film.

Here’s Greta getting carried off the scene, fresh off protesting a coal mine that’s been reopened in Germany after “green energy” solutions were proven unable to keep people warm in the frigid winter.

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And here’s Greta just a few minutes before, chuckling and posing with officers in front of a bunch of laughing photographers who snapped away while she pretended to be detained.

Of course, leftists media outlets happy to carry water for climate nuts reported simply that Thunberg was “carried off” by police after being “detained” at a climate protest.

In this never-ending game of smoke and mirrors, it seems the mirrors are getting duller, and the smoke is thinning out, leaving everyone with a penchant for the truth able to see right through the charade.