WATCH: LCPS Board Member Reacts To Unveiled Emails That Informed Board Of Sexual Assault

Jessica Kramer | November 15, 2021
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Parents are calling on Loudoun County, Virginia, school board members to resign, accusing the school board of covering up a sexual assault inside a high school bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt.

The same teen who was found guilty of assaulting the girl at one school was later transferred to another school while he awaited his court date and he allegedly committed a second sexual assault.

“I think we can all do our jobs better,” Loudoun County School Board member John Beatty tells MRCTV when asked about the call from parents for all school members to resign.

“I think we can we can make changes to policies and we can do a lot better so that we have a safe environment for all of our students,” Beatty says.

The answer may not satisfy many parents who are angry after it was revealed the board was made aware of the incident by email in May, but seemed unaware when details of the assault and how it was handled were revealed by the Daily Wire last month.

“Why did you act shocked and surprised like you hadn't heard about the story before it broke?” MRCTV asked.

“I just don't remember the details of it, and I think the details in the email are very different from the details that were - just came out in the story on the Daily Wire story that broke and in the details that are all around it. And I think it just doesn't really match in my mind.

Beatty says he thinks the Loudoun County School could have acted at the time that may have prevented the second incident.

“I think so, but I think that goes back to the need for an investigation into look into these policies and such. And again, we have to kind of trust the administration is going to go in there. 

There's a lot of information that's going out. The sheriff's office is giving one side of the story. The administration is giving the other side of the story, and we have to kind of get to the bottom of the details of this.”

Watch the complete interview above.

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