WATCH: The Left Talks Non-Stop About Kavanaugh, But Is Silent on Keith Ellison

Nick Kangadis | September 19, 2018
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This isn't a video breaking down the allegations against either Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh or Rep. Keith Ellison, but merely an examination of why the media chooses to cover the former while ignoring the latter.

By simply doing a few Google searches, it became apparent that the media buried the Ellison allegations in favor of possibly taking down a SCOTUS nominee - all because he was nominated by President Trump.

If the accusations against Kavanaugh and Ellison are shown to have validity, then they should both face the consequences of their actions. But, the media should at least be a little fair in their coverage of the allegations facing both men.

Join me as I pull apart the partisan narrative that dictates the Left burn anyone associated with President Trump at the stake while giving a free pass to those on their own "side."

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