Watch: The Liberal Media Recipe For ‘Trumped-Up’ Treats

Eric Scheiner | August 30, 2018
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It was a major news story for days. According to CNN’s anonymous sources back in July, Michael Cohen was ready to tell the Special Counsel that then-candidate Trump had known about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians before it took place. The broadcast networks frantically sought to confirm the allegation (using CNN’s own source) but when that source retreated from his claims and the story crumbled before their eyes, they ignored it altogether.

A month later, on August 23rd it was revealed Cohen had told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had no such knowledge about then-candidate Donald Trump. Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis explained to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that his client did not have that information and that Cohen had explained as much to investigators. It was a massive blow to the liberal media’s narrative -- and the networks ignored it.

It’s all part of the liberal media recipe for cooking up ‘Trumped-Up’ coverage - just remember, if the truth spills out, don’t let it get mixed in!

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