WATCH: Mr. Rogers Ahead Of His Time On Gender Ideology Issues

John Simmons | February 2, 2023
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Not only did Fred Rogers from “Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood” create and starred in one of the most beloved TV shows ever made, he was also ahead of his time on claiming that there are only two possible genders. 

A clip from an episode of the iconic series surfaced on social media of Mr. Rogers singing some of the lyrics of the song, “Everybody’s Fancy.” In the song, Rogers states that men and women cannot change their genders on a whim, and that each person has a specific role to play in parenthood based on their gender.

How simple, and yet profoundly true! And if you're appalled by this truth like this user is, something is very wrong with your worldview.

A follow-up clip showed Rogers discussing with late-night host Johnny Carson that the reason for putting this song in his show was intended to help kids understand that they would remain a boy or girl for their entire lives.

“Sometimes children think that they might change — they might have to change after a while,” Rogers says in the clip. “And you know, we laugh about that now, but it’s because we had that concern when we were little.”

Take me back to the days when prominent figures in entertainment spoke truth on their shows and did not confuse children with perverse sexual ideology. I’d sure love to be a part of that neighborhood!

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