Watch: Random 'Hands Up!' Protest Breaks Out at Walmart in Bridgeton, MO

Corwin Parks | December 3, 2014
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Last night, after one full day of doing camera for my reporter in Ferguson, MO, I decided to hit up a local Walmart to buy some snacks for the upcoming week, rather than fast-fooding it the whole time. After I walked down a few aisles, I made my way to the cash register with a four-pack of Red Bull and a few apples in-hand. As I stood in a long line, because for some reasons stores like this usually have only a few registers open at a time, I started hearing chants of "Hands up, Don't shoot." I turned to my reporter with a look of, "We just got done shooting, why now?" on my face. So, I put my stuff down and pulled out my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and just started recording. 

I started hearing chants of "Hands up, Don't shoot." So, I  pulled out my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and just started recording. 

Luckily, nothing much really happened: you had a few annoyed people, but that was about it. Then, the police showed up. Things got a little dicey when the police asked them to leave and they pretty much ignored the cops. Then, the cop asked me to leave because I was filming, despite the press badge that I was wearing. So, I started walking to the main entrance. Suddenly, the protestors stopped and stared chanting in the cops faces before they exited the Walmart. 

Once outside, the protesters got louder, and started chanting "Who shut the sh** down, We shut the Sh** down". The crowd started antagonizing the cops, getting in their face and flipping them the double-bird. Then, chants of "F*** the Police" rang clear as day.

Still, the cops kept their cool.

After a while, the protesters started to leave, realizing that this specific protest has run its course. All that was left was cold air, cops standing a post, and protestors sing "Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye, and the occasional "F*** You in its place.

All I wanted was some Red Bull...