WATCH: School Board Chair Walks Out After Confronted With Maskless Photos Of Herself In Crowd

Eric Scheiner | February 17, 2022
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The battle over masks being optional and at the discretion of parents at schools in Virginia is still contentious, with one recent school board meeting resulting in the school board chair walking out over a dispute on the issue.

Montgomery County School Board Chair Sue Kass, left a February 15th meeting after a resident held up her phone claiming to show Facebook photos of Kass without a mask on while in a crowd.

“We sat here last year and listened to you guys preach to us about Governor Northam's executive orders  - and how we must follow them. You guys remember that? We do,” parent Alecia Vaught said.

“So here's the governor that comes into office. But yet you don't want to follow his orders. Why is that? Why is it different from the last year when we were here to this year? Two different governors - two different political parties. So, we were supposed to follow it last year, but not this year.”

Vaught wasn’t done. She directed some of her comments directly at Kass.

“Here's a picture of you right here on Facebook with a crowd of people - with no mask on. Here's another picture with you with no mask on.”

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Kass interrupted and called for a police officer to escort Vaught out of the meeting. Vaught wouldn’t leave – but Kass stormed out.

“We’re coming for your seat,” Vaught said.

“You can have my seat,” Kass said as she stormed out of the meeting.